I tempi della fine

God has chosen the Land of the Holy Cross (Anguera-Brazil) to announce to the world what will happen

 and CROP CIRCLEs to give the last chance to human being



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Rev 3- 20-8-2018 SECOND SUN history given by NASA STEREO AHEAD satellite and LASCO




17-8-2017  the END of TIMES COMET STAR CROP CIRCLE - click on the figure

ver. 25  19-8-2018


Jesus will appear in the GREAT WARNING to all the world

rev. 7 - 20-8-2018


Second SUN appears in COLOMBIA coming from back the mountains, it lights up reflecting the SUN light in the night as the MOON DOES. All the globe is shining, then exioting the EARTH PENUMBRA as in a Lunar Eclipse it shows only the CENTRAL BURNING BODY, then disappears in the night

1-1-2018 click for videos in COLOMBIA . 29-1-2018 VIDEO in GLASGOW


    Second Sun orbit: calculation was perfectly made HERE the NEW PATH





here again, the Beckys SECOND SUN taken on 26th June is here again on 21st Dec shot by Paula Gilley in Alabama. Same object of course. This second Shot tell us, it is not the OHIO object star passed during the SATURN viewing. That is a STAR running near light speed that explodes time by time, also proved by frames on the nasa satellites Stereo A and LASCO.

click on the figure for the video - here the direct channel

this photo shows it at a distance of 20 milions/Km - 12.5 mil/miles

SECOND SUN IS ALREADY HERE -  a CROP tells the last 3.5 turns round the SUN  rev. 10


the SECOND SUN the CELESTIAL BODY  taken DURING NIGHT TIME on 26-6-2017 (see analysis)

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ISRAEL DESTRUCTION complete decoding - click on figure ver. 7


HOLY FAMILY against Antichrist: the COMPLETE 12-8-2016 CROP CIRCLE decoding

rev. 8.0 - a NEW CROP lead also to same dates - BAD TIMES for SCIENCE and CATHOLICS - the NOVEMBER and DECEMBER happenings. Clik on figure to download



26 OCT VIDEO in OHIO SHOWs a collapsing star into a BLACK HOLE HERE NEARBY

 so the next could be a WHITE DWARF sucking SUN ENERGY exploding into a SUPERNOVA

video REV.6 PDF FILE  REV.8


   rev. 8   Second Sun orbit: calculation was perfectly made HERE the NEW PATH

NASA satellite STEREO AHEAD CORONAGRAPH 2 - the proof of the SECOND SUN/ STAR PASSING - deleted hours of recordings


JARED KUSHNER is an ENEMY of the HUMAN POPULATION - and the 666 RFID is belonging from them - VIDEO


The Evil action will occur in the feast of a great saint, the one who when he was called by God fell from his horse and his life was transformed 2,532 - 05.06.2005 [SAN PAOLO is the fallen martyr]

Here are the times of great trials for the Church. Inside it there are those who will open the doors to let the murderers, and mockers. 2943 - 15/01/2008 - The terror of men will reach the Vatican. The square will be full of dead bodies. Humanity will see the evil action of men from the big beard. The Colosseum will collapse. 2553 - 24.07.2005 - St. Peter's land will be 2,574 rubble - 12.09.2005

One who will be Peter become Judas [*]. Will open the doors to enemies and will suffer the men and women of faith. 3046-29 / 08/2008 [* in 2008 B.V. Maria uses the future given that Bergoglio will then be elected on 03.13.2013]

The enemies will open doors and men from big beard will act with great fury. 3273-30 January 2010 - The sea beast will advance and will cause great destruction in the building. The doors will open for wolves with lamb skin. 2999 - 20/05/2008 - friends of the king * joined against him, but God will punish them severely for their betrayal and because they will open the doors to let the killers. The city of the seven hills will fall 2,502 - 29.03.2005 [* King: Pope Benedict XVI]

The men from the big beard are preparing a great evil action. In different areas and at the same time we will be suffering and pain.
An army will explode 2,548 - 14.07.2005 - [and Medjugorje message to Mirjana of 2 December 2015 confirming: The Church suffers persecution because from the outside and betrayed from within]


the Second Sun near the Earth will provoke the GLOBAL EARTHQUAKE predicted as the 7th Apocalipse plague

Luke 17, 26 'As it was in Noah's day, so will it also be in the days of the Son of man. 27 People were eating and drinking, marrying wives and husbands, right up to the day Noah went into the ark, and the Flood came and destroyed them all. 28 It will be the same as it was in Lot's day: people were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building, 29 but the day Lot left Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and it destroyed them all. 30 It will be the same when the day comes for the Son of man to be revealed. 31 'When that Day comes, no one on the housetop, with his possessions in the house, must come down to collect them, nor must anyone in the fields turn back. 32 Remember Lot's wife. 33 Anyone who tries to preserve his life will lose it; and anyone who loses it will keep it safe. 34 I tell you, on that night, when two are in one bed, one will be taken, the other left; 35 when two women are grinding corn together, one will be taken, the other left.'



Medjugorie 2-5-2017 - CROP Circle Indicates the DOVE SIGN between 1st and 13 May 2017 - May 2008 Message: Humanity faces serious conflicts and my poor children do not know where to go. I want to help you. Open your hearts. From heaven will be a warning to Europe. Anyone who was given much, much will be asked. The house of God will be closed. Violence will be great and my poor children will carry a heavy cross. 3.001 - 24/05/2008


DOVE appeared on 2nd MAY, and decoded on the  8th of MAY

let's shift the references from 13-5 (FATIMAs starting) to 13-10 (the CENTURY end):

the DOVE is set NOW at 8-5-19: a GREAT SIGN



since 11-11-2013

There will come a day when there will be two thrones, but only one will sit the true successor of Peter. Anguera 3098 - 23/12/2008

two men would lead Peter's crown in recent times, one does not come from God (and it shows ... the gesture: i love satan ... and

Here cOme the times I foretold 3.843 - July 8, 2013 Do you live in the worst time since the GREAT flood


the Orthodox Patriarch Elijah Byzantine Catholic Orthodox Patriarchate, in the name of God, One and TRINO, declares the excommunication and the curse of God in Galatians 1: 8-9 on Francesco - Bergoglio, for his heresies, and to all those who follow him, for betraying Christ, God and the Holy Spirit, declaring servant Antichrist leading to eternal damnation those who follow him. Here the statement

Gloria Polo Ortiz says hell. After being struck by lightning in the street, charred and dead on the couch and resuscitates all its organs are redone before the doctors. It is sent back here to tell her experience of hell. He tells what 'we will see and we will live during the Great Warning. Hell exists. If you think you are right, pray and be converted, that tells what is not even imaginable. She thought she was Catholic and just. click for video











le seguenti dizioni sono state utilizzate in vari messaggi iniziali (es. 2005), ma poi, pian piano, utilizzati anche i nomi veri

LEON = Iran the king nation = Italy/vatican
Orso feroce = Russia seven hill town-city = Rome
Nido dell'Orso = Mosca king = Pope
Dragon = Cina great bird men = terrorists
Eagle = USA palace = Saint Peter
Earth of the Queen = England  


Fire = bombs Saviour nation = Israel
oriental snake= China/comunism Giant = second sun
bird = aircraft blac bird = vaiolo, pest, radioactivity

We see the issues one by one. Keep in mind that the issues are separate, so the schism of the Catholic Church, has to be considered, in terms of time, as in the other events are held, as explained by the messages. NOTE: SINGLE messages from point to point. They are listed in order of time. They were extracted individual phrases from the messages trying to place them in a consistent pattern divided by topics. You can access the FULL text of each message, where indicated with (complete message tracking or by clicking on the year)

complete messages: Messages 2005 Messages 2006 Messages 2007 Messages 2008 Messages 2009 Messages 2010  Messages 2011  Messages 2012 - Messages 2013 - Messages 2014  - Messages 2015  - Messages 2016 - Prophetic Messages 2005-2016



The Savior [ISRAEL] country will suffer a lot, but when he hears the defeat will defend itself with weapons that spread the fire in the sky. 2501 - 26.03.2005

The city of Jerusalem will be destroyed and when will the great tribulation will not be recognized; will remain just a big desert 2,514 - 26.04.
5 (Luke 19,43)

A proud man will do deals with Iran. He seems to be a peacemaker, but in truth it will be a thorn for many nations. The men of terror, led by the one who has the appearance of a prophet, will bring suffering and pain to the Eagle's Nest [USA] and the country of the Savior. Here came the times I foretold. 2516 - 30.04.
2005 [Note: FIRST EVENT SAID that marks the beginning of the END TIMES agreement in Geneva USA - IRAN del 11/24/2013]

Israel will live the anguish of a condemned, because they will be surprised by the men of terror. 2544 - 03/07/

Syria betray, but then will drink his own poison. 2552 - 23.07.

Iran will be devastated by Israel. The earth will shake and tremble for the great atomic holocaust. 2557 - 04.08.

In Jerusalem, a temple will be achieved. The violence will grow 2,563 - 16.08.


The Savior's city will disappear  [Bethlehem or Nazareth?], but men of faith will be saved 2,636 - 02/02/2006

It will come from Iran and  men will be afraid 2,649- 04/03/

the kings of the East will join the great battle and humanity will lead a heavy cross 2,694 - 16/06/
2006 [Revelation - 9, 13 - the sixth trumpet]

On a mountain near Jerusalem a frightening event will happen 2695 - 17/06/
2006 [3rd secret of Fatima? see note]

the black bird will go to Europe and where shall rest will leave its mark of destruction and death. The violence will grow and the men will bring a heavy cross. 2718 - 10/08/

It is a disease and will be worse than all those that have ever existed. Men will be contaminated and millions of dead bodies will be scattered everywhere 2,719 - 12/08/

a large army will depart from Mecca and where will leave a trail of destruction and death. The wickedness of man will be so great in the earth that the Lord will bring forward the day of the Final Judgement. 2722 - 19/08/

The black bird will rest in God's house. His strength will cause destruction and death. 2735 - 18/09/

Death will pass through the holy city. The terror will be immense. There was throughout its history a similar incident. Pray. I suffer because of what awaits you. 2806 - 03.03.

The black bird will act and will cause terror in all the East. Will go to the Eagle's Nest [
USA] and her children will suffer 2,846 - 03/06/

Israel will cry. Death will pass and it will be great destruction. The great city will be surrounded and its inhabitants know a heavy cross. 2899 - 06/10/

the ferocious bear
[Russia] will feed the lion [Iran] and this will gain great strength to the  attack 2902- 13/10/

The lion sons [Iran] will act with great fury against the house of God 3,006 - 05/06/

Jerusalem will be a story that will attract the world's attention. For the Church will be a great suffering 3,027 - 17/07/

the furious lion [Iran] will attack the Church and cause great suffering to My poor children 3.030 - 22/07/
2008 The minds will unite and will plan a major attack

Israel, almost your entire population will be exterminated. In the center of this country will experience great catastrophes. In Jerusalem will happen barbarians facts related to religion and government. Even in this nation the earth-shaking many times. October 21,
2007 [prophecies in Ferreira]

Jerusalem and many neighboring cities will experience a heavy cross.
Great shall be the devastation 3,145 - 10/04/
2009 (Good Friday)

The Middle East will tremble with the great atomic holocaust. 3272-28-1-

There will come a day when the furious lion will lay at the foot of the dragon [China] 3281 -17 February 2010. The union of the fairs will bring great suffering for my poor children