end of times coming... prepare yourself, mid 2017 is near









..... comprehension beyond all odds ......


 The Holy Mother of GESUS, SON of GOD, appearing in BAIA BRASIL since 1987 in more than 4200 messages reveals to us what is going to happen to the Earth and humanity


Medjugorie 2-5-2017 - CROP Circle Indicates the DOVE SIGN between 1st and 13 May 2017 - May 2008 Message: Humanity faces serious conflicts and my poor children do not know where to go. I want to help you. Open your hearts. From heaven will be a warning to Europe. Anyone who was given much, much will be asked. The house of God will be closed. Violence will be great and my poor children will carry a heavy cross. 3.001 - 24/05/2008


SECOND SUN FOUND - the photo and the position

pdf file 26-1-17



NIBIRU - Astronomic OBITAL & Phisical data

  pdf file 7-2-17 


7-2-17 SECOND SUN 1985-2017 orbit calculation Excel file download 7-2-17



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 video 7-10-2016


 the video PDF FILE  THE 2017 END OF TIMES CALENDAR   PDF FILE  the video










the END is coming



















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