since 21-12-2015


 1994: a SOLAR SYSTEM has approached to our SUN and if we'll still be here we would say: IT WAS ALL TRUE!!!

God save us - Thanks to the Lord

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Acts of Apostles Chapter [17]  In the last days -- the Lord declares -- [note: 17 = 2017]

I shall pour out my Spirit on all humanity. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your young people shall see visions, your old people dream dreams.

18 Even on the slaves, men and women, shall I pour out my Spirit.

19 I will show portents in the sky above and signs on the earth below. [Angels CROP CIRCLES]

20 The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the day of the Lord comes, that great and terrible Day.

[note: on the 20th the day starts to become dark]

21 And all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.

[note: on 21st everybody will get scared and will call on the name of the Lord to be saved]

[note the sum of the verses plus the chapter gives: 2+17+18+19+20+21 = 7 ---> the month of July]

a matter of case? I do not think so: let's see now what the Angel CROP Circles say

1 - CROP CIRCLE 15-7-2008 - planet position at  21-12-2012

11 - CROP CIRCLE 31-7-2014 - Humanity is sick and must be healed

2 - CROP CIRCLE 22-7-2008 - supply SECOND SUN position & Revelation book plagues dates

12 -CROP CIRCLE 25-7-2012 - URANUS & Mars will be destroyed

3 - CROP CIRCLE 27-4-1994 - shows SECOND SUN approaching to SUN + Urano is destroyed

URANUS will be destroyed? & Second Sun position pdf in English

4 - CROP CIRCLE 17-6-2012 - supply Second Sun Mass, Distance, Date of entering solar system


5 - CROP CIRCLE 16-8-2014 - supply years and U.A of Second Sun orbit

12.1 - CROP 13-8-2010  comes from URANUS and will center the SUN

6 - CROP CIRCLE 17-7-2008 - shows Earth & Venus together

13- CROP CIRCLE 1-8- 2012 - Planets REAL alignment -  FIG.28.9

7 - CROP CIRCLE 29-8-2013 - supply date Friday July 21st, 2017

14 - ORBIT LOSS CALCULATION  and 16 hours per day

8 - CROP CIRCLE 24-7-2014 - supply date Friday July 21st, 2017

9 - CROP CIRCLE 28-7-2012 - supply date Friday July 21st, 2017  The GREAT WARNING of JESUS SECOND COMING CROP CIRCLES
10 - CROP CIRCLE 22-6-2015 - supply date Friday July 21st, 2017 15 - 4-8-2016 CROP supply date Friday July 21st, 2017 and Second Sun ORBIT
  16 - 17-6-2017 CROP supply last 36 days left to the END

in the Italian page other CROP CIRCLES DECODED

central second sun nucleus still 80/90 days away from 21-7-2017 date






ALABAMA SECOND SUN  3-7-2017 from camera - first video part OUT of FOCUS 


4 July 2017 SECOND SUN ANOTHER VIDEO 4 July 2017

SECOND SUN 12-6-17 second sun 9-6-2017 SECOND SUN 2-6-17




SECOND SUN Here what will happen for sure


 VIDEO  PDF UPDATE 21-4-2017

2-3-17 SECOND SUN -  SECOND PHOTO and position pdf file  2-3-17




The Dragoon 24-2-2017 The Dragoon

The Dragoon FROM CAMERA 5-5-2017 The Dragoon FROM CAMERA


21-4-2017 second SUN 22-4-2016

28-7-2016 second SUN 26-9-2016

12-3-2017 second SUN


SECOND SUN FOUND - the photo and the position VIDEO pdf file   26-1-17

 NIBIRU - Astronomic OBITAL & Physical data   VIDEO  pdf file    7-2-17 

7-2-17 SECOND SUN 1985-2017 orbit calculation Excel file download 7-2-17


  video 30-9-2016 - the measurements and the all calculations - science won't tell you anything PDF FILE DOWNLOAD



An extraordinary phenomenon will happen in Europe. The men will not explain it. When men witness the rise of the great light, know that it is near the great final battle. The men will call it the "SECOND SUN".  from the Holy Mother of God Anguera Message N.3199 - 08/11/2009

It is not a PLANET but a complete SOLAR SYSTEM

 2200 years before Jesus Christ roughly 4216 years ago it produced the GREAT FLOOD. Now, in the next coming it will be the VERY LAST, because it will crash our SUN: the collision between two giants in the universe [SUN and SECOND SUN] will cause great damage to the earth. Fire will fall from the sky and many regions of the earth be reached. Holy Mother of God Anguera Message 3.113 - 24/01/2009


To be able to scientifically compute the timing of its arrival we need the following FOUNDAMENTAL data:

1 - Second Sun Orbit in YEARS or Astronomic Unities

2 - Second Sun  MASS in respect to our SUN

3 - It's DISTANCE from our SUN

4 -  At a certain DATE

Angel crop circles supply all the data


1 - CROP CIRCLE 15-7-2008 (cerchio 15-7-2008)

In fig. 2  we find one of the most important crop circle given to us by the Angels that talks about END of TIMES. This has been modified 7 days later, adding also another crop beside this. Both of them tell us waht is going to happen and when.

As many already know this reproduce the planet situation at 22-12-2012, except for a pair of partcularities: Pluto's position is advanced of about 30° and Uranus also of about 10° in respect to their real position. This means that a FORCE on their front is actracting them forward


FIG.2 - 15-7-2008 CROP CIRCLE


FIG.2.1 - 15-7-2008 CROP CIRCLE

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun and Pluto


22-7-2008 CROP CIRCLE (cerchio 22-7-2008) - on 22nd-7-2008 the CROP has been modified and doubled, giving more informations. This "8 days" has also a meaning. Here we will consider only the left part modified. The remaining right part supplies the revelation plague earth dates and will be explained later

FIG.3  - 22-7-2008 CROP CIRCLE

The new Angels modifications now gives several indications:


2 - the 3 lines does not have the same length and either they do not have the same final ENDING

3 - the 4 spheres added on the left is the SECOND SUN plus its planets (see also fig. 1 on top page on the 1994 crop circle. The first reinforced white line on the bottom indicates where the S.S. is positioned at the date we will have to find out.

4 - In 2015 Angels has supplied to us at least 2 other crop circles that shows the shifting of our planets orbits, due to the s.S. approaching


FIG. 4 - this sign says: second sun enters the solar system

also note that Pluot's position is advanced in respect to the real one on the blu CIRCLE

FIG. 4.1 - also Uranus is more forwarded towards the blu circle in respect to its real position compared to neptune






FIG. 5.1 - shows Pluto and Mars on the same line to the SUN

FIG. 5.2 - shows Pluto NOT to the same line to the Sun



The second white sing we consider is the Jupiter orbit intersection on points A and I. Thses to points we will see on next figures states the START and THE END we have to know. The other point B we'll leave it for now. Point A is the Jupiter position in a range of +/- 10 days of August 2013, while point I is Jupiter position a a range of +/- 10 days at 22-7-2017


We tried to round the image at best, fixed a protractor inside and found

Jupiter is at +15°, while the A point is at +35°  (August 2013) and   I POINT at +148°, will be in JULY 2017.

FIG. 7 - Verification of Jupiter positioning

FIG. 7.1 - Point A indicates   15-8-2013 +/- 10 days



FIG. 7.2 - Verification of Jupiter positioning with more accurate precision

note VENUS at the very end of the new internal white WIDER circle that has been exploded onto the second Angel's arrival



SECOND SUN POSITION on 4-8-2013 and 22-7-2017

FIG. 8 - Verification of Jupiter positioning with  SOFTWARE SIMULATOR

 + 148° =  22-7-2017


FIG. 9 - meanings of the 3 WHITE LINES

1 - the first line below SAYS THAT  the S.S. is entering the Solar System and SUPPLY ITS POSITION

2 - the second line in the centre supply a UNIT of measure (U.A) and the tiltin of the S.S. orbit.

3 - the third line on the  top moreover than Point A and I as INITIAL/FINAL DATEs, supply also the REAL DISTANCE of the SECOND SUN at the date indicated asAugust 2013.




a further NOTE: 22-[7+2+0+0+8= 17] ---> 22-7-2017




FIG. 9.1  - Graphical verification of the Second Sun Mass in respect our Sun mass deduced on the DIAMETERS

total mass of the SECOND SUN graphically is: 0,82 + 0,44 + 0,24 + 0,15 = 1,65

1st SECOND SUN MASS in respect to OUR SUN MASS result is= 1,65 / 2,54 = 0,65


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 CROP CIRCLE 24-7-1994 (cerchio 24-7-1994)

the meaning is the following:

1 - the first part indicates a solar system arriving. The UNCENTERED CIRCLE into the BIGGER CRICLE is the SIGN mostly used by the Angels to indicate the SECOND SUN on the way.

2 - When the two CIRCLEs are perfectly centered instead, the meaning becomes: NOW WE ARE at the END. The Second Sun has centered our SUN.

3 - During the Second Sun approaching there is a change on the back planets. We have 4 planets without any satellite, then only 3 planets with 5 satellites. In fact on the way, URANUS is very near to the Second Sun line, so it is most probable that one of its planets will hit URANUS and destroy it, and the major Uranus satellites are cacthed by the reaming 3 S.S. planets. See next figures white arrows.


Please also note: 24-7-1994 where---> [2+4+7+1+9 ] = 23 ---> 1994+23 = 2017 ---> 24-7-2017

FIG. 9.1.2 - This crop shows the Second Sun approaching our SUN


FIG. 9.1.3 - Uranus satellites  cacthed by the reaming 3 S.S. planets.



FIG. 9.1.4 - East Dean, Sussex | 24th July 1994 CROP CIRCLE  - Graphically FINDING the MASS of the SECOND SUN by using the diameters ratio (the only way we have)

2nd SECOND SUN MASS (red line) in respect to OUR SUN MASS result is= 1,65 / 2,5 = 0,66

then tryed also on other enlargment

  then SECOND SUN MASS is 0,666 our SUN

666 is the number of the beast and of antichrist - what a case




FIG. 9.1.5 - Uranus is on the  SECOND SUN  approaching line END 2016

URANUS will be destroyed & see also Second Sun position pdf in English


FIG. 9.1.6 - Uranus is on the  SECOND SUN  approaching line in 13-10-2016 - ECLIPTIC PLANE VIEW



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FIG. 9.2 -  17-6-2012  CROP CIRCLE (cerchio del 17-6-2012 )


EXPLANATION: This crop indicates (right side) that when our SUN enters the cancer constellation, the Second Sun enters our solar system. The reference to start count is the date indicated by the PLANET position (22-12-2012) internally placed into the big OVAL. The OVAL with "pointed fringes" indicates the shape of the S.S. orbit and the real shape. The small circles of the fringes is the indication of the remaining planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto that are spread out onto 9+9 strips (fringes). This 9 fringes gives 2 other important indications. See below

 FIG. 9.3

the right side of the crop states the position of OUR sun when it enters the cancer constellation, to be considered AFTER THE DATE indicated by the position of the internal planets that is always the 22-12-2012 positioning.

FIG. 9.4 we can see the date on the simulator at the same exact position: 4-8-2013


This crop gives the following indications:

1 - WHEN  the Second Sun enters the Solar System


3 - The Orbit shape

4 - WHEN the SECOND SUN hits our SUN


1 - WHEN  the Second Sun enters the Solar System: is given by the Sun position into the CANCER constellation 4-8-2013

2 - The DISTANCE at THAT PARTICULAR DATE - 45 small circles above and 45 small circles below means the followings:

the first circles ABOVE give the UNITIES in A.U and the second below supplies the decimal: 45,45 Astronomic Unities. This answer complies with prevoius founded.

2nd DISTANCE FOUND : 45,45 UA at 4-8-2013

3 - The Orbit shape is of COURSE ELLIPTICAL and has a semi axes ratio  of 0,66 to 1

4 - WHEN the SECOND SUN hits our SUN

Indications now are the followings: 46 small circles above and 45 small circles below. We consider the date 4-8-2013 when the S.S. enters our solar system:

4-8-2013 + 46 MONTHS = 4-6-2017

4-6-2017 + 45 DAYS = 19-7-2017


1st RESULT from 22-7-2008 CROP 2nd RESULT from 17-6-2012 CROP
Second Sun Solar System entering Date 15-8-2013 4-8-2013
DISTANCE in Astronomic Unities 45 UA 45,45 UA
SECOND SUN MASS graphically deduced 0,65 0,661

Date of arrival toward the SUN

22-7-2017 19-7-2017
ORBIT lenght in years or Astronomic Unities




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CROP 16-8-2014 states the SECOND SUN ORBIT  in Years and A.U.

1st possibility assuming Holy Bible great flood 2200 years B.C.: 4200 years reaching year 2000 A.C:  4217,8 years total (assuming July 2017 S.S. arrival)

2nd possibility given by 16-8-2014 Angel's crop circle:  4217,8 anni  or 261 Astronomic Unities

FIG. 10 - the central EYE and the numbers: 4 - 24 - 12 - 26 -1



FIG. 10.1 - Explanation of the CROP

The internal eye states the object of the research: THE ORBIT, as internally there is a PUPIL that simulate a SUN. So an ORBIT and a SUN

The reference is outside the big circle: an external far round object: we suppose the SECOND SUN. This reference gives also a way of counting

At the centre we have FOUR 90° semicircles that have 4 angles, and the meaning is 4 Millenium, or 2 reasons:

the SEMICIRCLES take 1/4 of the entire circle, and the 4 angles means the number considered must be set at the 4th cipher from the right:

Mxxx = 4.000

Then we have 24 triangles pointing the centre, so in fase with the millenium

Triangles have 3 angles or 3 sides, so 3rd cipher from the right:

xDxx = x24x  

PARTIAL TOTAL 4.240 years

then we have the 24 small wishbones that are counterphase (summit against summit) the external triangles. This has 2 meanings:

1 - SMALLER than the triangles means it is the 3rd cipher from the left

2 - COUNTERPHASE means MUST be SUBCRACTED ( see fig. 10.2)

 xxAx = xx24

PARTIAL TOTAL 4.216 years

Now we have to add (because in phase towards the external triangles) the 12 yellow wishbones inside more smaller that means the 4th cipher from the left ( see fig. 10.2)

xxxA = xxx1,2

PARTIAL TOTAL 4.216 + 1,2 = 4217,2

we did add only half of them because they are on the centerline and devided by 2- But even if we should add all of them (24) we would have:

PARTIAL TOTAL  4.216 + 2,4 = 4218,4 years

the mean found between the 2 results is:

4217,8 YEARS

the division on the center line maybe really means to make the MEDIA of the two results. The results is the same as form the Holy Bible

Here the  astronomic computing for the arrival



The wishbones indicates the hundreds of years and at last there is a wishbone by itself that means that it has a different meaning: a UNITY to add.

260 + 1


the relationship between  261 ASTRONOMIC UNITIES correspond to  4216,6 years orbit.

3rd Keplero's LAW

radius in A.U. = 261 -----> 261^3  = 17779581


Square root of 17779581 = 4216, 6 Years

a more accurate result is given by the real YEARS computed before:

4217,8 years


FIG. 10.2 - Explanation of SUMs and SUBTRACTIONs


1st possibility from the HOLY Bible 2nd possibility from this CROP and SEVERAL OTHER CROPS
4217,8 years 4217,8 years


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VENUS, EARTH and MOON will be together

Several Angel Crops shows that we will move toward the Venus orbit. Her follows two samples. Fig. 20 will be explained hereafter and confirms all the Holy Mother of God predictions in Anguera- Baia - Brasil


FIG. 19 -  17-7-2008 CROP  CIRCLE

this says VENUS, EARTH and MOON will be together





FIG. 20 - 22-7-2008 CROP CIRCLE


Revelation book plagues dates

FIG. 22 -  CROP CIRCLE 22-7-2017


We tried to round the image at best, fixed a protractor inside and fix the REFERENCE. The REFERENCE is JESUS CHRIST SECOND COMING and on this CROP the reference is clearly noticeable on the LAST DINNER on the HOLY THURSDAY before any catholic EASTER. The sign is a TABLE with seats of the 11 Apostles and the SACRED WHITE BREAD on the TABLE (the Eucharist).

So we fix the date found on the same CROP (22-7-2017), in the very centre of the table and start to find out the remaining dates by using the 360° of the protractor towars the days (360 degrees / 365 days ---> ONE DAY EVERY 0,9863°) going counterwise


To decode the rest we have to refer to the HOLY MARY mother of GOD messages given in Anguera Brasil, else it would be very difficult. Let's say impossibile. Let's us firstly see the indicated dates:

FIG. 22.2

0 - 22-7-2017 - REFERENCE POINT  ( I POINT on fig. 7.2)

1 - 29 June - San Peter & Paul

2 - 13 May 2017 -  Fatima's Century

3 - 1 May - Start of Holy Mother Month

4 - 22/23- APRIL - Devine MERCY SUNDAY

5 - 16 April - EASTER

6 - 3-April-2017 - this day seems to be the death on the CROSSO of our Lord Jesus Christ see 1st tetrad BIBLIC of ECLIPS of BLOOD MOON

7 - 17-March-2017 - in the vatican the massonery decided to intimate  Benedetto XVI° dimissions from POPE

8 - 2-3-2017 - no particular meaning at the date

In any case we can see that we will have on Jesus and Holy MAry and Pope dates all the plagues of the END of TIMES. This to focus to human being that GOD exists and it is not waiting anymore.


FIG. 22.22




NOTE: there is relationship between the two circles blue and light blue that center the sign. The graphical relationship is the distance from Sun to Earth and to Venus. The Starting point has been fixed to the year 2016 as the same point focus to the A point in fig.22.22. The A point is a STARTING point. All the happenings starting from 10-8-2016 and the first sign at 2-March-2017 has at least to be found on other crops.

FIG. 22.3

FIG. 22.4

FIG. 22.5 - The DOVE SIGN in the SKY


Signes are related to HOLY MARY mother of GOD messages given in Anguera Brasil

2 March 2017 - the SIGN is the Earth axe out -There will be an imbalance in the Earth's gravitational pull, which will attract the "giant" that is far away. 2807 - 06.03.2007 - There will be a great inclination of the ecliptic, which will impact the lives of humans and animals.2.707 - 15/07/2006 - The earth will continue to move from its axis, without which humanity noticing. The sea will increase in quantity, leaving thousands of sunken cities. Stormy winds ever seen in the  quiet cities, will demolish  houses in a second. Magnetic storms bring fear and terror in the big cities.

17-March-2017 - the SIGN is a Sea wave - An earthquake will raise the earth. Men will see something similar to the waves of the sea. 2554 - 26.07.2005 - The earth will shake and will rise like the waves of the sea. This will be the biggest disaster for humanity 3177 - 23/06/2009 - The continental plates are shaken by a great earthquake, such as there has never been since the days of Adam 2701 - 01/07/2006 - Humanity will experience great suffering when the earth will be shaken by an earthquake, which will drag into the sea many regions inhabited today 2,529 - 31.05.2005 - Continents will move and the Earth will split into several pieces 2.530 - 01.06.2005

3 April 2017 the SIGN is a TURTLE The earth will tilt when the great approaches. The time will be lost [note: the REVOLUTION around the SUN won't be the same as before - but SLOW DOWN]. The men will blend in front of what the Lord will allow 2,832 - 03/05/2007

16 April 2017 the SIGN is a SPIRAL poles will invert polarity and earth will pass through great transformations. All living beings suffer 2,696 - 20/06/2006

22 April 2017 the SIGN is EARTH perfectly centered on its Orbit  - the Earth will suffer the largest displacement. [ It will go out of its orbit]. Many regions of the Land of the Holy Cross (Brazil) you see today will cease to exist. 2799 - 15.02.2007

1 May 2017 - this sign is a suggestion of S.S. seeing: Men will see something like a sun that will remain visible in the sky for long hours. All eyes will see 2,510 - 16.04.2005. or a collision to Earth The comet will be great and will cause great destruction. 3109 - 15/01/2009 Revelation Book - Chapter 8 [ 10]

8 May 2017 - The Dove or the Cross SIGN in the SKY

13 May 2017 - the SIGN is EARTH gone elsewhere There will come a day when the sun and the moon will turn over their course as you in your days 2,492 - 08.03.2005 [16 hours a day instead of 24 - Revelation Books)

29 June 2017 - iThe type of sign is similar to the SECOND SUN sign but seems to be another sign of collision to earth (metheorit? Comet?). The sign is not on the Blue circle. DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND.

22 JULY 2017 the collision between two giants in the universe [ SUN and Second sun ] will cause great damage to the earth. Fire will fall from the sky and many regions of the earth be reached 3.113 - 24/01/2009 - It's coming from very far away, and men can not prevent its destructive action - The day will come when men will cry for help and will want death. A rapid and destructive fire will reach the Earth. Continents will cease to exist and the earth will never be the same. Everything will be different. What we covered today will cease to exist. 3.201 - August 15, 2009 - Earth will lose its normal motion the Earth will be covered by darkness. The darkness will come from the immense light * . A mystery exists in big bright light will be revealed. 2793 - 31.01.2007



MESSAGE #2910 - 01/11/2007 Light does not LIGHT UP and the house IS EMPTY. That's the mystery[3 days of darkness - all things will vanish in a flash - will remain on only the blessed candles - no energy will be available on the planet]

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29 agosto 2013 CROP CIRCLE

FIG. 23  -  21-7-2017 is the Date


FIG. 23.1 - first crop appeared on 13 august 2013: 22 circles tight together



FIG. 23.2- on the 29 august 2013  the figure is completed



FIG. 23.3 - on the 29th June 2017 all human being see the Second SUN



1 - On the 13th august 2013 crop circle shows 22 circles tight together: we consider them 22 SUN or 22 solar days

2 - On the 29th August 2013 the crop circle has been completed with other 3 concentric circles made by small squares that gives a DATE to be read in the following way:

29-24-17 ---> 29 -[2+4] -2017  ----> 29-6-2017 with a SUN in the centre

if we add the 22 solar days we get  21-7-2017 !!!

but still there is more there to get:

3 - if we make the difference between the to dates of the crop circles (29 - 13) we get 16. This should say nothing if, in other crop circles it comes out the 16 hours per day. this seems to be a confirmation


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FIG. 23.6 - 24-7-2014 CROP CIRCLE ----> 21-7-2017 and the 3 DAYS of DARKNESS



1 - three small aligned dots are the 3 planets (Mercury, Venus and Earth) PERFECTLY ALIGNED AT 21ST JULY 2017. Another crop shows the way it goes during the first 7 months of 2017.

2 - the 2 black big circles are the 2 SUNs the will encounter and crash. They are engaged on the left side by a semi-circle that shows a T that looks to the right towards the 3 planets. This  sing   --|  indicates that there is a PUSH as a Piston does. So a force that is driving everything. The semi-circle is as a SPRING that compress the 2 big black spheres one to the other.

3 - on the center the usual SECOND SUN sign (0,66 ratio) used by the Angels to indicate that the SECOND SUN will ENTER our SUN. Our SUn is the external bigger circle, that include the S.S. sign. The date is of easy comprehension: 24-7, and if you make the difference with the 3 small black dots, we get 21st July.


The 3 small dots indicates also the 3 DAYS of DARKNESS. Many times Angels give several meanings on the same sign, just not to give a complete answer on the spot.

The 2 external BIG circles NOT CENTERED with a black dot at midday, indicates the hour of the crashing. MIDDAY


Amos 8:9 ^

And it will come about in that day, says the Lord God, that I will make the sun go down in the middle of the day, and I will make the earth dark in daylight:

Amos 8:10 ^

Your feasts will be turned into sorrow and all your melody into songs of grief; everyone will be clothed with haircloth, and the hair of every head will be cut; I will make the weeping like that for an only son, and the end of it like a bitter day.



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FIG. 23.7 - 28-7-2012 CROP CIRCLE - another crop that confirms 21-7-2017 DATE + PLUS 2nd Sun crashing

explanation on next FIG. 23.8

1 - 2 x 16 circles + HALF of a circle means:

2 x millennium: year 2000

16 circles gives the year: year 16 , so 2016

2 Halves means: add half of a year, so we gat to middle 2017

2 - the 7 circles gives the MONTH: the sevent month is JULY

then we have 10 + 11 circles that gives THE DAY: the 21st

4 - 4 circles are in the direction of the BIG circle (our SUN indicated with #1), and the BLU ARROW indicates the DIRECTION


5 - the 2 circles in the middle (our SUN indicated with #2) indicates that our SUn will be centered in that day.

6 - in the Fiure the 2nd Sun and our SUN diameters remain the same and not varied.

7 - the last 3 circles are the remaining 3 planets of the 2nd Sun when this woll be arriving here


FIG. 23.8 - 28-7-2012 CROP confirms 21-7-2017 date and three 2nd SUn planets left


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FIG. 23.9 - 22-6-2015 CROP confirms 21-7-2017 and the formation of a Black HOLE(sse also 22-7-2008 CROP)


The explanation:

the small dot indicates the REFERENCE where to start to count


2 - The BIG BLACK circle is the sign of the second SUN that will create the DARKNESS when it will center our SUN. Now it is bigger than our SUN circle to indicate that it will COVER completely our Sun, creating a Black Hole


  21-7-2017 Date is confirmed again

Starting from the reference we count the number of rays:

1 - RED rays  from 1 to 20 are the CENTURIES  = 20 ----> 2000 years

2 - GREEN rays from  1 to 17 are the remaning years  = 17 ----> 2017 years - Please note the 2 dots nearby the 16th that means:  16th LEAP YEAR

3 - BLUE RAYS from 1 to 7 are the MONTHS  = 7 ----> JULY

4 - 2 VIOLET RAYS the Tenth of DAYS = 2 -----> 20 DAYS

5 - the LAST BLACK ray is the day = 1 more day ----> TOTAL 21 days

FIG. 23.10 - The indicated date is:  21-7-2017




FIG. 23.11 - 4-8-2016 CROP gives the  21-7-2017 and Second Sun ORBIT



Do you remember this 22-8-2012 CROP? - It did already indicate the VENUS ALIGNMENT exactly back of our SUN and the BLACK HOLE that will be produced up to the limit of VENUS orbit

Fig. 23.12 - SHOWS THE  ALIGNMENT OF VENUS TO THE SECOND SUN DIRECTION ON 22-12-2012. THIS WILL BE ALSO nearly the same on the 21-7-2017, see fig. 28


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17-6-2017 CROP CIRCLE

The Evil action will occur in the feast of a great saint, the one who when he was called by God fell from his horse and his life was transformed 2,532 - 05.06.2005 [SAN PAOLO is the fallen martyr, then the CROP circles once again WILL NOT LIE ]- 29-6-2012  CROP --> 2+0+1+2= 5 --> 2012+5 = 29 JUNE 2017 Storm on the Vatican, Cardinal Pell charged with pedophilia - the true Catholic Church left, weeping]


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FIG. 24


FIG. 25

FIG. 26 - Signs meanings see figures

4 elementi che formano l'oscillazione per la misura del tempo:

1 - the pendulum

2 - the balancer spring used into mechanical watches

3 - the SWING used by children

4 - the diapason used into the BULOVA watches

and 4 other BIO- TENSOR used in radiestesy (divining) normally used into ancestry medicine, but also at the date

totale 8 sings that says 2 things:



3 - the internal circle is the EARTH

the message is: it's TIME to cure Earth

NUMBER 8 is the number of RESURRECTION

the date of the crop: 30-7-2014 ----> 30-7 = 23

2014+3 = 2017

SUNDAY 23rd- JULY 2017 the day of RESURRECTION

the relevant Anguera message one year earlier:  Humanity is sick and must be healed

3.835 – Message of Our Lady, delivered in Granja do Torto/DF, delivered on June 18, 2013 transmitted in 18/06/2013

Dear children, take on your true role as Christians and in everything be like Jesus. Witness with your very life that you belong to the Lord and that the things of the world are not for you. Separate yourselves from everything that paralyzes within you the true love of God. Do not forget: you are in the world but you are not of the world. Be filled with hope. Tomorrow will be better for men and women of faith. I am your Mother and I want to help you. Accept my appeals, for I want to lead you to the One who is your Way, Truth and Life. Your victory is in the Lord. Do not be discouraged. If you should happen to fall, call upon Jesus. He is your hope. In Him is your true liberty and salvation. You live in a time of a great spiritual battle. The weapons which I offer you for this spiritual combat will lead you to a great victory.
Humanity is sick and must be healed. After all the tribulation, the Lord will dry your tears. When everything seems lost, there will occur the definitive triumph of my Immaculate Heart. Whoever remains faithful to the end will be saved. Go forward without fear. I love you and I will always be near to you. Do not be discouraged. I know each one of you by name and I will plead with my Jesus for you. This is the message which I bring you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for allowing me to gather you here once again. I give you my blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Amen. Peace be with you.

The Angels confirm one year later with the crop

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URANUS and MARS will be destroyed

FIG. 27 - 25-7-2012 CROP CIRCLE


I would say that this circle is confirmed, but the star charts confirm. when Mercury Venus and Earth are aligned behind the sun on 04/16/2017 at Easter), Mars will instead 'front in the direction of arrival of the second sun, who after having eaten Uranus in 2016, is going to eat' too little mars more 'late in 2017 the god of war will be 'destroyed before the resurrection. the circle of 'indications of which planets are in the SECOND SIGHT SUN. You do not want to be a star map that indicates the actual locations. The diameters of 9 planets are SYMBOLIC, while the red circles and blue, could give indications of distance, and by inference of WHEN it happens. Uranus, already 'know (approximately 2016), for Mars will be' a few months later.

FIG. 27.1 - 25-7-2012 CROP CIRCLE




FIG. 27.2 - the 7th MAY 2015 CROP CIRCLE in Holland; Oudenbosch, Hoeven


FIG. 27.3 - the 7th MAY 2015 CROP CIRCLE in Holland explanation


FIG. 27.4 - The  13-8-2010 CROP CIRCLE states that the SECOND SUN comes from  URANO DIRECTION (another confirm)

and WILL CENTER OUR SUN - give a reason to your life to Ethernal salvation


FIG. 27.5 - The  13-8-2010 CROP CIRCLE states that the SECOND SUN comes from  URANO DIRECTION (another confirm)





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FIG. 28 - the 1st August 2012 CROP CIRCLE: the EFFECTIVE planet position on 13-10-2017 [ cerchio del 1° agosto 2012]


The 1 August 2012 crop circle, indicates Mercury, Venus and Earth positions, affected by the gravitational pull of the great mass of the SECOND SUN. The revolution speeds will start to change just after 1st January 2017, and seasons will be gone.

As a result, the three planets will actually be in PERFECT LINE, before the clash with the second sun to our sun, which will position a TOTAL PROTECTION to the antagonist. The apocalyptic meaning is pretty clear: OUR SUN is the LIGHT. Our Real Lignt is Jesus Christ. He the Lord sits again (He die for the SECOND TIME) to save the HUMANITY; He intrudes and shields the second sun (OFF - Read BLACK = Satan) towards Earth.

THE REFERENCE DATE 21-7-2017 has to be substituted with 13-10-2017

FIG. 28.1 - FIRST REFERENCE: the reference date to read the crop. Fatima's third appearance and of course our Earth

FIG. 28.2 - SECOND REFERENCE: the Second sun arrival direction

 Second Sun is perfeclty aligned to Venus at 22-12-2012 (from the 22-7-2008 crop previously seen)


FIG. 28.3 - Venus position at 22-12-2012 & Earth position at 13-7-2016

64° difference


FIG. 28.4 - Venus position at 22-12-2012 & Earth position at 13-7-2016

the REFERENCE DATE is exactly at 64° from the Venus reference at 22-12-2012 and the Second Sun comes from the bottom, exactly on the 116° and where the yellow circle is. This is a very important not a case reference.

FIG. 28.5 - thin lines means normal speed - thick lines means revolution speed is slowing down



FIG. 28.6 - thin lines means normal speed, this is a reference to use for the positioning. In fact earth position is still correct at 13-9-2016, then lines are starting to increase a bit in thickness. Let's take Venus up to 1st/3rd January 2017 as NORMAL speed, in fact that is its REAL and THEORETICAL position, while Earth, as we will see, on fig. 28.7, has already encountered a thicker line on its orbit. Earth is in fact in a backward position than normal. Also Mercury is already backward


FIG. 28.7 - theoretical Earth - Venus and Mercury positions at 3-January 2017


FIG. 28.8 - EARTH - Venus and Mercury REAL ad theoretical  POSITIONs at 1-Jan 2017


FIG. 28.9 - the REAL PLANET POSITIONS after 8/9-July-2017. The CROP shows the last 13 days situation. It is not to intend that on 13 days the orbits will make 180° revolution. The graphics of the SUN dimension growing take the place it needs to explain. The CROp shows all orbits SLOWING DOWN, and the increase of the SUN diameter that means temperatures going higher and higher as other crop says, this because the Earth will move towards Venus in these last 13 days. The Earth Axis tilting will be in a brief time around the 8-9 July



FIG. 28.12 - the POSSIBLE FINAL PLANET ALIGNMENT situation in respect to the theoretical

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As many times Angels has given very good graphical sings, out of which we have brought several data, we can suppose that the CURVE used to indicate the EARTH orbit displacement TOWARD Venus that will start on 22 April, has been really designed to give us the possibility to extract the hours per day during the orbital shifting. So we graphically try to manage the thing, obviously with a certain percentage error. Must be said at this time, that no scientist will be able to understand anything during this period of time, for several reasons:

1 - All artificial satellites will be already fall down and completely out of order during the Earth Axe tilting in 16 April.

2 - The Earth and Venus and Mercury positions will be on line toward the SUN, so, going toward the Sun, we will have Venus in front and NOT Visibile because we spot the SUN, so the same about Mercury

3 - Mars is already gone, so, non reference there. Satellites as Curiosity or else do not exist anymore. Also the STEREO satellites that aim the Sun maybe alredy gone.

Any else?

4- Yes, the 90° Axe tilting will have already confused everyone, because the Sun will not appear in the East in the morning, and would not fall down at West in the night (North emisphere)

FIG. 29.1 - Earth axe tilting on Easter 16-4-2017

FIG. 29.2 - this crop shows the BYNARY orbit of VENUS and EARTH in the last 70 days. Also explains that the hours a day will be 16

will be fully explained in another appropriate page

5 - Saint PAdre Pio da Pietralcina about the month of May says: It disappear a land ... a great land. A country will be forever erased from the map ... And the land will be dragged through its mud history, wealth and men. .. From the wrath of God will not spare the men of science, but only men of heart. A meteor will fall on the earth and everything will jump. It will be a disaster, much worse than a war. Many things will be deleted. This will be one of the signs ... You will have moments of tragedy. Beware of May.

Well, here we are, everything will happen in the month of May of course, in a orbit displacement, the things said, is the minimun that can happen, but there is one thing more that the Saint says:

6 - Pray for the three days of darkness that you'll be going to live, but do not let yourself getting lost. .. You will be missing the most essential things. Make some supplies, at least for three months ... Everything will fall in no time. When you will realize it, you will already have the avalanche on you. Humanity is close to the abyss ... Try to stay close, to help you, because you will need each other's help. .. Many men have in front of the cliff and do not see it.

You do not believe? in fact there will be left only 3 months time from May, less than that: 71 days of 16 hours a day.

A question arise: are we sure that there will be an Earth orbit misplacement? Yes, pretty sure. If you do not believe to the Holy Mother of God, well, other crops are stating this manner. We will be gonig to see them.

Here we have graphically designed a yellow and another red orbit, plus we already have the Blue (Venus Orbit) and the light blue (Earth orbit), and draw segments on the yellow spots to measure Earth distance to the Sun during the misplacement and in a simple manner calculating the hours per day.

FIG. 29 - calculating the Hours per day during earth orbit displacement.

while there is a formula to calculate the revolution around a star (Kepler's third law), there is no way to calculate the SPEED ROTATION of a planet, also because influenced by any satellites that slow it down and can stabilize the tilt of the axis.  Doing a simple calculation applied to the diameters, (as those of Earth and Venus are very similar)  if the earth (no moon) should take the place of Venus, the diameter ratio 12,700 km for the Earth and 12,100 km for Venus. This says the ROTATION (and this is my deduction, no scientific formula confirms) can be given by the ratio: 

12.7 / 12.1 = 1.05 (increases the time because the planet EARTH is bigger). 

if we multiply 15 hours / day of Venus x 5.1 out 15,74 ie 15 hours and 45 minutes. 

if we add a minimum slowdown also due to the presence of the Moon, and even then Venus, it is really possible that the hours are just 16 per days as mentioned in Revelation - Chapter 8 12 The fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them turned dark. A third of the day was without light, and also a third of the night.

From the graph of FIG. 29 we can calculate with plane geometry formulas, the hours of the day during the ORBIT MISPLACEMENT, assuming that the track designed by the angels is true and not just a tool CUE.


          ORBIT MISPLACEMENT MILIONS of Km from SUN hours per day hours per day
13/05/2017 ARRIVAL DATE 109,29 16 16,09
12/05/2017 111,92 17h 54' 17,91
11/05/2017 114,55 18h 21' 18,33
10/05/2017 117,18 18h 45' 18,75
09/05/2017 119,81 19h 10' 19,17
08/05/2017 122,44 20h 19,59
07/05/2017 125,06 20h 20,01
06/05/2017 127,69 20h 25' 20,43
05/05/2017 130,32 20h 51' 20,85
04/05/2017 132,95 21h 16' 21,27
03/05/2017 135,58 21h 41' 21,69
02/05/2017 138,21 22h 06' 22,11
01/05/2017 138,21 22h 06' 22,11
30/04/2017 138,21 22h 06' 22,11
29/04/2017 138,21 22h 06' 22,11
28/04/2017 136,00 21h 46' 21,76
27/04/2017 133,93 21h 25' 21,43
26/04/2017 133,93 21h 25' 21,43
25/04/2017 133,93 21h 25' 21,43
24/04/2017 133,93 21h 25' 21,43
23/04/2017 138,21 22h 06' 22,11
22/04/2017  STARTING DATE 150 24 24,00

starting from  22-4-17 planet Earth will start to displace its orbit toward Venus,  and during this period hours per day will begin to recede, but also the revolution around the sun WILL be reduced, due to the strong force applied by the Second Sun

starting from 13-5-17 hours per day will be 16 instead of 24. All the clocks will be useless and time will be lost.

there 'a beautiful message in Anguera: The midday sun will be considered more important than the evening Sun. ---> What is the point? a non-trivial sense if integrated into context just said, and the SUN EVENING for me would be that the PLANET VENUS, very close to us, (for a spit away) will be 'a huge moon enlighten' the land, but on this last point for now they do not just guesses.

2539 - 24.06.2005

Dear children, return to the Lord. Only in Him is your full happiness. Repent of your sins and be reconciled with the Lord through the Sacrament of Confession. Eucharist is your strength. Prepare and receive precious food. The midday sun will be considered more important than the evening. A bird of the building will live in another nest. Bird dangerous country of the king; land of sins. Listen carefully to what I say. Always pray and pray a lot. It is good to pray for Pope Benedict XVI. The stone of the stone will be broken. This is the message I give you today in the name of the Holy Trinity. Thank you for allowing me to bring you here once again. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace.

movement around the sun will be  slowed down quite a bit and the seasons will change. Also in this case, we know the date, but not exactly on the day and time  ..... here come true prophecies. Jesus never speaks at random, but drawing conclusions only on the words you are likely to say to God, what He should do ..the end of time, and only the wise will understand written in Daniel's Book

I only draw the conclusions, I do not say BELIEVE ME, but to be awating to see without praying, your risk is big 




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